I just figured I would post something on this silly blog since I never use it.

I don’t like WordPress, I only use it to comment on other simmers stories and things like that soooo ummm yeah 🙂

Below, I’ve listed some of my stories if anyone is interested.


Rated R

Perfection is about a teenage girl named Melody who has a pretty problematic life, although she strives for perfection. She doesn’t really get along with her family that well but she loves music which is what helps her connect with the people she meets in her school during Freshman year. Will her quest for perfection be noticed as a sugar coated confection? Or will it destroy her like a viral infection? 



A Man’s Worth

Rated R

A Man’s Worth is about a guy named Adrian who is still dealing with his extremely troubled and disconsolate past. His life is filled with nothing but confusion and painful memories, yet every shutter that escapes from his camera creates new ones. He is not the guy that anyone wants to fuck with, unless they want to die…